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"the professionals in metal marketing".

SCRAP KING is professionals in the metal marketing business: scrap yards, metal recovery, metal recycling, bulk purchase of metals, and metal wholesale marketing.
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   Visit our "scrap yards for sale page" click here
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     Scrap prices are skyrocketing and there has never been a better time to be in the scrap business than right now. Two years ago the price of scrap gold was around $325 per ounce. Today the  price of scrap gold is around $700 per ounce. (More that double the usual price).  
         And most other types of scrap metal are increasing at the same rate as scrap gold. Credit Suisse the giant super-secret swiss bank is the largest buyer of scrap gold in the world and will likely continue to be the largest buyer of scrap gold in the world. Credit Suisse does not want you to know that it makes billions in the scrap business. They want you to think that they control the fate of dictators and other world power fugures with their financinal wizardtry. .They don.t want you to know thar scrap is big buisiness for Credit Suisee. Expect priced for scrap metals to contine to increase. As long as the price of gold increases so will scrap prices in the same proportions.
      Many a record will be broken by srap dealers this year. This could well be the best year ever for scrap dealers,.
     Detroit's auto industry uses a very large quantity of recycled steel, iron, coper brass, gold, platinum,  iridium, and platinum. Fill your scrap with metal this year and sell your scrap yard holdings and sell next spring. When prices will be much higher tax obligations contact had the average political will scrap-king.
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"Scrap King" the professionals in metal marketing.